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How Employees Can Negotiate for a Higher Salary

By |2017-04-21T18:18:35+00:00April 10th, 2015|Career Management, Salary Negotiation|

Thanks to Noel Griffith for his guest blog. A brief bio is below. - Amy One of the most effective ways to get an increase in your salary is to negotiate an increase with the person responsible for signing off on it. This may be when you are first offered a position, or in your [...]

Top 4 Ways to Determine Career Salaries

By |2017-04-21T18:18:52+00:00March 26th, 2015|Salary Negotiation|

The topic of identifying career salaries regularly comes up in coaching sessions. My clients who are searching for a job or interested in a promotion need to understand the market before starting their negotiation. Individuals want to be paid what they are worth in the marketplace and for the skills and experience they bring to [...]

Is Your Inner Critic Interfering with Your Job Negotiation Strategy

By |2017-04-21T18:21:41+00:00April 17th, 2014|Salary Negotiation|

Recently I had the honor of presenting at SWIGGIS Austin, on job negotiation strategies to a group of smart and accomplished women.  I love teaching new concepts and tools to individuals, but I often learn just as much from the individuals who attend the presentation.  The wealth of information we all have is amazing and I’m [...]

Securing a Promotion at Work After Your Boss Leaves

By |2017-04-21T18:33:15+00:00March 15th, 2013|Career Coaching, Career Counseling, Career Management, Performance, Salary Negotiation|

When someone in your group or department leaves the company through turnover or workforce reduction, you are often times asked to step up and take on part of that person's role. For most people, this situation doesn’t seem fair to take on more work for the same pay, but it is reality. So what happens [...]

Does your Job Research Include

By |2017-04-22T18:46:29+00:00May 27th, 2011|Career Change, Career Management, Job Interview, Job Search, Salary Negotiation|

Have you utilized in your job search activities? is a website that provides an insider’s perspective on many companies. How does it get that inside look? The information comes from 1) job applicants and current and former employees of those companies as well as 2) the companies themselves. How does assist job [...]

How Social Media Skills Can Help You Get the Job

By |2017-04-22T18:48:55+00:00August 17th, 2010|Networking, Salary Negotiation|

I received the question below last week and asked our business coach (who is also an expert in social media) to provide his perspective. Dear Coach Wolfgang, I’ve been using social media in the workplace for a almost a year. How do I use this skill to advance my career? Publishing content to social media sites [...]