Is Your Resume Holding You Back?

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Searching for a new job can be frustrating, especially when you are sending in your resume but not getting many call backs. Don't fret... test yourself! In other words, let's take an empirical approach to finding a solution. Here are four tactics for figuring out if your resume is holding you back: Establish a baseline [...]

7 CV secrets every college senior needs to know

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This is a fantastic list of tips for recent grads to apply to their CV! Thanks to Kate Maurice for sharing. -Coach Wolfgang Teenage period and then studentship are the most challenging stages in our lives. Being a teenager, your main task is to study well and survive these years unscathed. Being a student, your [...]

5 Steps You Must Take Today for a Better Future Career Path

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We all want to create a better future career, right? In my experience with clients, I've yet to meet someone who would like their career to go backwards - make less money, less growth opportunity, etc. If you agree then are you taking the right steps to move your career forward? Many of my clients [...]

Who needs a resume anymore?

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Dear Coach Wolfgang, Is the resume a thing of the past? Thanks for the question. Lately, I've been hearing people I respect dismiss the resume as an irrelevant tool in today's electronic and online age. The argument says that all a candidate needs today is a LinkedIn profile. Let's look at that statement. I think [...]

When to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

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Your resume is an important marketing tool and often your first introduction to an employer. The employer’s evaluation of your skills as presented on your resume is the key to getting an interview. You may be the ideal candidate for a job, but if you can’t convey that via the words on your resume, then [...]

Making Your Job Application Stand Out

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We all have unique gifts or talents that we bring with us to a new job. These might include: tangible skills (i.e. how to utilize a specific piece of software) intangible skills (i.e. fast learning agility) personal characteristics (i.e. strong work ethic) When you are looking for a new job and combing through bullet after [...]

Resume Not Getting You Interviews? This Could Be Why.

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Your strategy for trying to land a new job should include researching Austin companies, networking, trying to get your resume in front of the hiring manager and, of course, submitting your resume. Submitting your resume via email or through the employer’s application system may seem straightforward but is actually a critical step that you need [...]

What Do Hiring Managers Look for in a Resume

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Recently, I had a networking lunch with an marketing director from Austin, specifically product marketing at a high-tech company. He had a position he was trying to fill and pulled out a couple resumes to show me. He said, "if you are in marketing, I expect you to spend some time on the look and [...]

Tips for Choosing a Resume Writing Service

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There are hundreds of resume writing and resume review services out there. You can pay anywhere from $50 to a few thousand. The lower-end services collect your information on a form and can turn around a resume within a day or even a few hours. The higher-end services study your background and interview you before [...]

Make this Quick Change to Your Resume and Get Big “Results”

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Austin professionals get big results with these resume changes Quickly scan your resume. Do you see the phrase responsible for anywhere on your resume? If so, it is very possible your resume is focused on your job responsibilities and not results. While employers do want to know what you were in charge of [...]