8 Quick yet Effective Hacks for your LinkedIn Job Search

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Thanks to Abhyank Srinet for another great post, this time, focused on your LinkedIn Job Search. – Coach Wolfgang A LinkedIn profile is the gateway to professional success especially if you are just starting out. With opportunities like interacting with top experts in the industry and following their work and connecting with recruiters to increase [...]

10 Stunning LinkedIn Profile Tips to Get that Dream Job

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Welcome back guest blogger Abhyank Srinet and his insight on the top LinkedIn profile tips to help you land your dream job. – Coach Wolfgang LinkedIn is unarguably the best professional networking site out there. With more and more recruiters looking at candidates’ profiles to get to know them better, it is imperative that you [...]

8 Incredibly Useful LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using

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Abhyank Srinet is back with another inspiring guest blog highlighting an eye-opening set of new LinkedIn features you'll find indispensable. – Coach Wolfgang Are you someone who checks LinkedIn only to look up for employer’s email ID, or a connection request? If yes, then you are missing out on great LinkedIn features that can help [...]

How to Use LinkedIn for Professional Development

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Entertaining guest blog on three important ways on how to use LinkedIn for professional development. – Coach Wolfgang In the summer of 1994, I was working at a gym, making $10/hour. I was having a good time but sitting on a 4-year degree from a Big 10 school. So I went to work looking for a [...]

I got laid off. . . and it was the best thing.

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Guest blog from a client of mine who was laid off recently but stayed open-minded and found something wonderful! -Coach Wolfgang Experience, exposure, expertise. These are some of the benefits in joining a large, well-known company. Budgets, regions and rewards tend to be bigger than, say, those of a smaller company. Of course, with a [...]

11 Steps to a Positive Online Reputation with a LinkedIn Profile

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As you strive to improve your online reputation and boost your personal rankings in Google search results, one of the smartest things you can do is make use of the resources that are already at your immediate disposal. Don’t just focus on creating brand new sites and blogs that are linked to your name. Those [...]

Don’t be late for your interview

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Just a funny interviewing story from a client. We all have to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Thought you'd like it. Have a great day! - Coach Wolfgang I had plenty of time to get to my interview... or so I thought. The office was downtown - that shouldn't have been a problem! The traffic was [...]

9 Techniques to Remember People By Name

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A guest blog for you this week. Oftentimes clients will ask me how to remember names with all the people I meet. Love this list of memorization techniques from a client. See which ones work for you, or let me know your own tips! – Coach Wolfgang It seems to happen to me at every [...]

4 Networking Tips That You Can Learn From a Dog

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When I tell my clients that the most effective way to land a job is through networking, their response is often a sigh of frustration or a look of dread. Even the most extroverted, outgoing people often don’t enjoy networking events. And one of the main reasons for this is that many of them aren’t [...]

7 Things Millennials Should Know About Interviewing for a Job

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Thanks to Michael Klazema for his guest blog on millenials. A brief bio is below. – Amy Entering the job market straight out of college has rarely been easy, but millennials have a tougher time at it than any prior generation. Not only is the economy still recovering from a historical recession, but millennials are [...]