DIY Interview Preparation

Job interviews are your chance to “sell” yourself and show the hiring team that you are the best candidate on the market. All your hard work and all your preparation come down to your performance over the span of just a few moments. It doesn’t seem fair when the best candidate doesn’t get the job offer and, instead, the best interviewer gets it. It is for this reason that we publish so much advice on preparing for interviews. The interview tips below should help but contact us about our interview preparation services if you would like one-on-one coaching.

interview preparation checklist

When your interview is 48 hours away, go through this checklist. Read more.

assess job interviewing skills

List of common areas for improvement in interviews and ways to find your areas of improvement. Read more.

3 criteria hiring managers look for

There are 3 big questions hiring managers are trying to answer during your interview. Do you know what they are? Read more.

record mock interviews improve

Video taping your mock interviews is the secret weapon. Here’s why it gives you such a big advantage. Read more.

4 powerful phone interview tips

Coach Wolfgang goes over preparation strategies for crushing your phone interviews. Read more.

tap into confidence ace interview

Pump yourself up for your next interview with these tips that are sure to boost your confidence. Read more.

ice breaker interview questions

Great approach to answering the question, “Tell me about yourself.” without saying too little or too much. Read more.

3 questions to ask before second interview

The second round of interviews open up a whole new world of exploration. Here’s how to capitalize. Read more.

how subconscious impacts interview

The fears and concerns in your subconscious may be impacting your interviews. Find out if it’s happening to you. Read more.

5 ways to display confidence in job interview

Make sure you have these tactics down before your next job interview. Read more.

ask questions during interview

Tips and strategies for formulating and asking the right questions during an interview. Read more.

Should You Hire a Career Coach?

You may be considering investing in a career coach but aren’t sure. Is it worth it? Will it help me? How do I decide? Here’s some objective help with asking the right questions and making an informed decision.

These articles are just a start. Reach out to us to discuss your questions further.


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