A professional resume review can make the difference!

You have a modern resume if your resume:

  • uses a contemporary layout and is inviting to read

  • utilizes keywords properly for automated searches

  • presents compelling experience and results

  • has no red flags which are turning employers off

Resume Writing

A compelling resume will stand out and get noticed! The challenge is keeping up with all the resume trends and new recruiting technologies employers use. Expectations are changing in so many areas: layout, language, structure, sentence length, headings, etc.

Resumes need good writing as much as a good strategy.

But wait… you are good at your job, not resume writing!

Contact us for a professional resume review where we’ll apply industry best practices and our own experience to make your resume shine.

The career coaches at Wolfgang Career Coaching have written and reviewed thousands of resumes and coached just as many clients. Our difference is that your resume is reviewed by a professional career coach who knows how to write an outstanding resume as well as educate you on an effective career transition strategy.

See what our clients say and read the case studies showing their success. You can also download free resume samples from our library.

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Resume Refresh

If you are comfortable writing resumes and have had success in the past with yours, you may need just a checkup. Our Resume Review service is ideal for individuals that already have a solid resume and need help modernizing it, improving the language and making it look professional and polished.

Wolfgang Career Coaching can review your resume thoroughly to also make sure it brands you appropriately, positions you effectively for a particular job and doesn’t have red flags or omissions that could be impacting your success. Our resume review includes multiple revisions and a one-on-one consultation:

  • A remote or in-person consultation with a Career Coach to critique your current resume. Clear instruction on how to update your resume with the feedback you received.
  • Education on how to create a career summary/profile, determine which skills to include, write the content for each of your positions, properly format and highlight, and use keywords.
  • The opportunity to have your updated resume reviewed by your Career Coach/Writer, up to two times

Contact us today about a fast turnaround on a resume review by one of our professional career coaches/resume writers.

Resume Review: $360

Do I need professional resume review?

People regularly ask us if their resume needs rewriting or just a resume review. To help address that question, here are some reasons our past clients have found value in our resume review services:

  • Get a resume review in less than 10 days

  • Proven process for optimizing a resume for different job descriptions

  • Walk clients through the entire process

  • Quality resumes that make a difference

  • One price and a commitment to your satisfaction

  • Clean, modern, eye-catching resume templates

  • Consistent formatting that is easy for you to edit

  • Latest trends and best practices

  • Identify areas holding you back that you didn’t see

  • Relevant real-world coach experience with a diverse background

  • High level of instruction and education
  • Positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Eliminate concerns over resume errors and “Is my resume the problem?”

  • No more wondering if you missed something

We have delivered over 2,500 convincing resumes that helped our clients land interviews and feel empowered when applying for jobs.  We would like to help you, so please call 512-850-4425 or complete the form on the right to get started.

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