Wolfgang Career Coaching stands out from many other career coaching companies. We’ve listed the 7 most important ways below along with explanations of how it impacts our client work.

  • Belief in transformation
  • Coaching methodology & framework
  • Real-world experience
  • Superior one-on-one career coaching model
  • Career coaching from anywhere
  • Exceptional services, affordable prices
  • Working hard by your side

The Power of Transformation

We believe in transformation. We see it everyday and the positive impact on people’s lives. Whether it is transforming a resume or LinkedIn profile to truly articulate your brand or transforming your career path so that it aligns with your core values. We believe in you and what you can achieve. When you believe in yourself, your dreams will come true.

Coaching Methodology

All coaches working for Amy Wolfgang are trained in her unique methodology and service delivery framework. This means all of our clients receive a consistent, proven process for success.

Real-World Experience

Amy Wolfgang and her staff of career coaches have over 5 decades of combined work experience spanning a wide range of industries and job levels. Combine that with each coach’s formal education and coaching/counseling certifications and you have one of the most experienced staffs in the country. Amy is particular that her coaching staff have this experience so they can relate to our clients on a much deeper level.

Superior One-on-One Career Coaching Model

We believe one-on-one coaching sessions lead our clients to make better career choices and more effective career transitions. Our remote one-on-one model uses technology to overcome any distance and make strong client-coach connections.

Flexible Coaching that Matches Your Lifestyle

Remote coaching opens the door for one-on-one coaching with flexible hours and from the location you choose. No more time-consuming travel or limiting yourself to local coaches only.

Exceptional Services, Affordable Prices

Our monthly pricing model delights our clients. We know that your time is precious and your budget is very important. You only pay for what you need and you choose the pace. We don’t charge you large fees up-front or require a lengthy commitment. It’s on us to earn your business every day!

Working Hard by Your Side

It takes hard work and a strong commitment to find a career or make a career change. For example, most clients have action items to complete in between coaching sessions so you make continuous progress. Your coach works just as hard, by your side the entire time, as your accountability partner and your biggest supporter. The effort you and your coach put in will have lasting effects for years to come.

If you’d like to speak with us about our differences please schedule a free consultation with us. Please also review our methodology, staff bios, our mission and values.