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Scott Kukowski
Scott KukowskiProfessional Career Coach
Career counseling showed Scott the way to fulfillment

Despite his success, Scott sold his business in 2005 and moved from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas. Looking back at his 20 years of experience, Scott finally realized that being an executive wasn’t what he really wanted.

It was only after working with a career coach that Scott realized why he was happier mentoring and guiding people as a manager rather than running a business.

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Candace Avila
Candace Avila Life, Career & Business Coach
Found her calling after earning her degree and license

Candace Avila just received her Masters of Education in Counseling a few years earlier. She had recently eclipsed 3,000 counseling hours under the supervision of a licensed social worker – she was on her way to become a licensed psychotherapist.

As Candace finished a counseling session one day, she found herself contemplating the career in front of her. She worked hard to get here but right then it became obvious… this wasn’t her true calling. So what was? She spent years getting to this point. Was she just going to throw that away?

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Stephanie Heuer
Stephanie HeuerProfessional Career Coach
Finding her love for life… 9,000 miles away

On the outside, Stephanie had it all. A successful corporate career, great friends and family, a gorgeous midtown condo… life was good. Stephanie lived in Atlanta and worked hard as an Account Executive providing strategic advertising solutions to some of the top brands in the world .

One day while sitting in her car waiting in traffic, she was struck by an overwhelming heaviness, like a 500 lb. weight on her chest. Stephanie knew this heaviness would eventually sink her. A few months later, she quit her job, moved out of her condo, and put all of her belongings into storage. She sat on a plane with a one-way ticket and a 21-hour flight ahead of her. Stephanie had no plan but was ecstatic by what she might discover ahead.

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Melinda Rothouse
Melinda RothouseProfessional Career & Life Coach
Educator finds her calling in professional coaching

An avid learner and longtime educator, Melinda Rothouse was very happy in academia. With degrees in psychology, performance studies, and religious studies, she loved teaching at the college level and working for university writing centers. Melinda’s lifelong love of learning gave her expertise in writing, public speaking, and the expressive arts, as well as extensive experience in teaching/training, curriculum development, and consciousness/spirituality studies.

Melinda aspires to help people realize their creative, professional, and personal dreams and goals. After seeking out career coaching herself and seeing powerful results, she decided to pursue coaching professionally. Here’s her story!

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Diane Dean
Diane DeanExecutive Coach, Career & Academic Coach
Breaking through to students with coaching

Early in Diane’s career, she was working as a therapist at a school. Students were brought to her for behavior and attitude issues. However, what she found was they were often scared, sad and frustrated from trying to learn and make good grades, without success, even though they tried.

But Diane had a problem: most kids resisted coming to a therapist. Even though she was there to help, she needed another way to break through.

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James Beeman
James BeemanExecutive Career Coach
From being miserable at work to helping the miserable at work

Was this a stroke or a heart attack?! James wasn’t sure as he lay on a bed in the emergency room. He knew the stress he was under from his job was affecting his health and impacting his personal relationships but it clearly went too far.

It was this wakeup call where James realized that it was time to head in a new direction.

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Carissa Gay
Carissa GayCareer and Leadership Coach
From Dead End to Living Her Dream

Was her career at a dead end? That’s what it felt like for Carissa as she sat at her desk preparing lesson plans. She knew she wanted something bigger, a role that would maximize her credentials and expertise. Yet finding that next opportunity seemed daunting.

Was it too late to pursue her dreams? Had she missed the boat completely? The thought gave her a pit in her stomach….

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Sharanya Rao
Sharanya RaoProfessional Career Coach
Outer to Inner Conflict: The Move From Leaving the Legal Industry to Coaching

In her youth, Sharanya always struggled to find the right career path. Her search lead to a lot of personality tests, strengths assessments and internships. She eventually discovered her dream to pursue internal conflict resolution and went after a lucrative legal career in litigation. Although Sharanya thought she was taking the right path, she still found herself dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

As doors kept closing, Sharanya finally turned to what deeply resonated with her and as she became more attuned to who she was, her clarity grew. She realized the answer was right in front of her!

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Steve Graham
Steve GrahamProfessional Career Coach
Working with his own coach was a game changer!

Steve remembers early on in his career wishing that he had a resource to help him through the development stages and to provide some guidance. When Steve first started out in his career and was new to management, he found the work environment to be a scary place at times!

Fortunately, during this challenging phase of his career, Steve was first exposed to coaching. The experience helped him reach goals that he did not think were possible!

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Shannon Alexander
Shannon AlexanderProfessional Career Coach
Live With Passion and Purpose

Shannon felt like she was trapped in her job and stuck striving to live up to other’s expectations. At times, she felt so far off of her path that she though she might never live the life she wanted. But, one thing remained consistent – Shannon was continually searching for meaningful work. This pursuit of purpose started because she knew her career choice was not a good fit.

Shannon was not feeling fulfilled working as an accountant, but she worked for a prestigious accounting firm and rose quickly in the ranks. Everyone expected her to have a long and successful accounting career. They were all floored by her next move…

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Krista Talley
Krista TalleyProfessional Career Coach
Thriving in the Unknown

Krista Talley was working long hours in a career she did not enjoy and living in a city close to where she grew up. But she knew there was more to life! Krista found herself in Austin, TX after setting out to find a more meaningful life. Changing paths personally and professionally was overwhelming but she found that success and happiness were the outcome as soon as she chose to be vulnerable.

Krista then set out out on a mission to help others like herself who felt stuck and hopeless in their career. She was determined to help clients find the “light at the end of the end of the tunnel” and to help them understand what she had found is key to success.

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Vishy Parameswaran
Vishy ParameswaranExecutive Leadership Coach
The real voyage of discovery consists not just in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes

Three specific insights converged, causing Vishy to move toward a career in coaching. He realized that human growth and unfolding requires reflection, insight and guidance through holding a space full of possibility. He also saw the deep impact that leaders make on the world and the people around them – an insight which moved him toward working with senior leaders who could shape the present and the future.

He finally realized his own purpose and destiny clearly involved service to humanity. Coaching was at the intersection and these realizations lead him to take it on as a profession.

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Amy Wolfgang, CEO
Amy Wolfgang, CEOCertified Career and Leadership Coach
Amy was first a client of a personal career coach

In early 2003, Amy Wolfgang sat in her cubicle feeling unsatisfied. She had a solid job where she performed well and enjoyed her co-workers. Something was missing but she didn’t know what.

So Amy embarked on a journey to find a career that made her happy and made a difference in other people’s lives. Her first stop was a career coach in Chicago.

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Michelle Poole, Chief Community Officer
Michelle Poole, Chief Community OfficerCertified Career and Leadership Coach
Michelle’s “gap year” revealed her career path

After 15 years in Human Resources, Michelle wondered, “what’s next?” She wasn’t satisfied with her job and wanted more from her career.

Michelle pushed to find her passion, renew her spirit and identify a better career. A career coach helped Michelle assess her skills, identify possible careers and plot a course to find satisfaction.

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