Failing at work is a good thing

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Guest blog sharing good insight on the upside of failing at work. -Amy My pilot program officially bombed today... for the second time. I sat there with my boss and we talked about why the participants never embraced the pilot program. My boss wanted results and we didn't have any. He was agitated. Then it [...]

Self Perception Matters, Seriously.

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Do you believe that a broken mirror, cracked into a thousand crumbling segments, can portray how you truly look? Of course not! Because of the cracks, the reflection would reveal a distorted image of self, a lie to your true appearance. Similarly, having a distorted sense of inner self can cause confusion and anxiety. Like [...]

It’s about customer experiences not the process

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A guest blog tying United Airlines and Amazon together!? Well... here you go! - Coach Wolfgang The United Airlines scandal caused me to realize something very concerning about how I performed at my job. So let me ask you about your job... do you focus on customer experiences more or do you put more attention [...]

4 Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

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Stress is part of life, and definitely a part of our daily work lives. Even if you love your job, there are days and times when stress in the workplace can wreak havoc on you. Maybe you have a big project due, or it’s the end of the month or quarter, or you’re taking on [...]

What’s holding back my personal productivity?

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Very honest guest blog on his limiting beliefs around will power. It's also a partial book review for an excellent book I recommend myself. -Coach Wolfgang My full-time job keeps me pretty busy and that's before I tack on the responsibilities that come with family, having a few rental properties and supporting my partner with [...]

Making the right investment in your adult education

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Interesting perspective from a former client who is figuring out ways to aid his career transition. -Coach Wolfgang The other day I realized that many of my career and life goals are related to learning. I enjoy learning although how I learn today is very different than how I was educated: In kindergarten, it was [...]

Challenge: Boost your Career with Diet, Exercise & Sleep

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I'm not a nutritionist, health trainer or sleep expert but I have a story from a client about a big transformation he made recently. -Coach Wolfgang I enjoy being productive and want to improve my output. Part of me thinks that I'm somehow addicted to some chemical my brain releases while I'm working and being [...]

Startup Ideas to Beat the 800 Pound Gorilla

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Guest blog with encouraging advice for startups battling an industry incumbent. - Coach Wolfgang Startups and small companies often talk about competing against the "big fish" in their industry - otherwise knows as the "800 lb gorilla." Well, I work for one of those 800 lb. gorillas, and I see everyday how we can (and do) [...]

Should You Say ‘No’ to Your Boss?

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I was having dinner with a bunch of friends and experienced this. Thought I'd share the story as well as one of the insights it gave me. – Coach Wolfgang A few years ago, I was at an outdoor restaurant having dinner with friends visiting from out of town. The sun was beginning to set [...]

How to focus better at work and become indispensable

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I'm working with a client on career development and his situation is fairly common, particularly, with corporate jobs. He's interested in a promotion but unable to show enough impact to those who would promote him. He works long hours but always seems to be late with his deliverables. He's frustrated. There is a lot of [...]