It’s about customer experiences not the process

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A guest blog tying United Airlines and Amazon together!? Well... here you go! - Coach Wolfgang The United Airlines scandal caused me to realize something very concerning about how I performed at my job. So let me ask you about your job... do you focus on customer experiences more or do you put more attention [...]

4 Ways to Deal with Stress at Work

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Stress is part of life, and definitely a part of our daily work lives. Even if you love your job, there are days and times when stress in the workplace can wreak havoc on you. Maybe you have a big project due, or it’s the end of the month or quarter, or you’re taking on [...]

What’s holding back my personal productivity?

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Very honest guest blog on his limiting beliefs around will power. It's also a partial book review for an excellent book I recommend myself. -Coach Wolfgang My full-time job keeps me pretty busy and that's before I tack on the responsibilities that come with family, having a few rental properties and supporting my partner with [...]

Making the right investment in your adult education

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Interesting perspective from a former client who is figuring out ways to aid his career transition. -Coach Wolfgang The other day I realized that many of my career and life goals are related to learning. I enjoy learning although how I learn today is very different than how I was educated: In kindergarten, it was [...]

Challenge: Boost your Career with Diet, Exercise & Sleep

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I'm not a nutritionist, health trainer or sleep expert but I have a story from a client about a big transformation he made recently. -Coach Wolfgang I enjoy being productive and want to improve my output. Part of me thinks that I'm somehow addicted to some chemical my brain releases while I'm working and being [...]

Startup Ideas to Beat the 800 Pound Gorilla

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Guest blog with encouraging advice for startups battling an industry incumbent. - Coach Wolfgang Startups and small companies often talk about competing against the "big fish" in their industry - otherwise knows as the "800 lb gorilla." Well, I work for one of those 800 lb. gorillas, and I see everyday how we can (and do) [...]

Should You Say ‘No’ to Your Boss?

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I was having dinner with a bunch of friends and experienced this. Thought I'd share the story as well as one of the insights it gave me. – Coach Wolfgang A few years ago, I was at an outdoor restaurant having dinner with friends visiting from out of town. The sun was beginning to set [...]

How to focus better at work and become indispensable

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I'm working with a client on career development and his situation is fairly common, particularly, with corporate jobs. He's interested in a promotion but unable to show enough impact to those who would promote him. He works long hours but always seems to be late with his deliverables. He's frustrated. There is a lot of [...]

3 Ways to Build Your Career Confidence

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I listened to a professional basketball player in an interview recently.  After the game, he was asked this question: how do you keep your 'swag' in the game?  The answer, "swag is an attitude, whether you hit the net or miss, you walk away with a smile".  Swag brings energy and energy exudes confidence, trust, [...]

How to Be Confident For a Meeting

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This is how one of my clients gets pumped before a big meeting. Thought you'd like it! - Coach Wolfgang Today is the big day. All eyes and ears will be on you. It's probably making you a bit nervous, huh? I would be too. Are you also pretty excited? No? You should be. Today [...]