Exceptional Leadership Requires Effective Professional Communication

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Very insightful and actionable article on effective professional communication written by our executive coaches, Steve Graham in collaboration with Diane Dean. -Coach Wolfgang Exceptional leadership requires a commitment to learning how to be a better communicator. Being an authentic communicator is a great way to learn more about your people. Think about how many times [...]

A Gift from Being Vulnerable

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Sharing a guest blog with you on the power of being vulnerable and how it was a gift to my client. His insight came after reading Dare To Lead™, a book by Brené Brown. -Coach Wolfgang Seven months into my new role and I was feeling... embarrassed. Embarrassed because I still didn’t feel like I [...]

Your Productivity Increases When…

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Our guest blog this month identifies 6 productivity tips that answer the question, "my productivity increases when?" Enjoy! -Coach Wolfgang If you’re struggling to keep up with the work you have or carry your work home more often than others, it’s time to change things around. Staying late can get you some extra credit with [...]

Leading with Empathy

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Over the last several years, there has been no shortage of information about the importance of soft skills in today’s work environment. Empathy often leads the list of the most vital soft skills. A recent study by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a leading global leadership development company, compiled research involving over 15,000 leaders from 300 [...]

Why is self-awareness in leadership so critical?

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I’m fortunate to be an executive coach. As you might imagine, I get to see many different types of leaders and leadership styles. Take it from my more than 25 years of experience… it’s not easy being a leader! The set of skills and capabilities a leader needs today is always morphing AND expanding! Since [...]

5 Ways to Keep Calm and Reduce Stress Under Tight Deadlines

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Keep calm and carry on is what we’re all told to do, but it’s easier said than done. To give yourself the best possible chance of performing at your optimum take a look at the top 5 ways you can keep calm and reduce your stress. That way when the deadlines are looming you’ll have [...]

Leading with Purpose: Why & How

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Over the past decade, many books and articles have been written on the topic of finding purpose. A simple Google search of the words, "Finding Purpose", produces over one billion results. There is no doubt that purpose is an important and interesting topic for many people. As a leader, having a purpose and leading with [...]

The perfect boss is called a leader

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“The perfect boss”, you say? There’s no such thing! When we think of a “boss”, we think of someone who yells at you when you’re late, doesn’t solicit your opinions and isn’t very sensitive to your personal issues. Decades ago, this was the predominant management style. Today, things are starting to change. We’ve realized that [...]

Leaders Never Stop Learning

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Leaders set the tone for an organization. They must be agile in their responses to the ever-changing marketplace and business climate. Leaders are charged with growing organizations and should never stop learning because learning is an essential part of the growth process. Learning can take various shapes within an organization. It can be organic, formalized, [...]

How emotionally intelligent are you?

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Guess what, we’re emotional beings who have emotional intelligence (in measurable capacities).   No matter how hard we strive - especially in our careers - to be only rational beings, we can’t. Our emotions are real, present, and play a tremendous part in our personal, professional, and even our organization's development. In the professional context [...]