3 Ways to Get Job Opportunities to Come to You

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A friend of mine gets solicited for new job opportunities all the time so I asked him to tell us his secret! – Coach Wolfgang Have you ever heard someone casually say, "Oh yeah. I get constantly pinged about new job opportunities!" When you hear that, what do you think? That should be you, right? [...]

Running Your Own Business? Get out From Behind the Screen.

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I recently met with an aspiring business woman. She had done her homework, knew the market, understood the need, built the model, and was ready to dive in and help a needed problem in her industry; business cards and website to boot! The problem?  No clients. In today's world it's easy to get everything going [...]

How to Find a Job in Another State 

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Fortunately these days, the task of finding a job in another state is less of an uphill battle than it used to be. However, there are still real challenges to securing a position from a distance. Now, it also depends on industry and company size. Larger companies are going to have offices all over the world, [...]

Achieving Career and Financial Freedom in Austin Texas

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It's a warm spring Thursday evening at 5th & Lamar in downtown Austin. Thunderstorms just rolled through the area. The sky is now clear and we're being treated to a beautiful sunset. A perfect night to address our concerns about money and career! On this evening, Wolfgang Career Coaching and DMJ & Associates - two [...]

Online Networking: Use Alumni Pages on LinkedIn

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Are you using this feature on LinkedIn? I have found it quite valuable for tapping into my alumni directory. This feature allows you to see a visual representation of where your fellow university alumni live (i.e. their location), work (companies), as well as what they do for a living (career).  Here are other great [...]

Career Development Happens With Professional Organizations

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Joining a professional organization can seem a bit daunting, especially with a busy schedule, and not knowing where to begin or which organization to join.  Let us help you get started!  First of all there are many great resources and perks that come with membership in a professional organization.  Here are a few: They are [...]

Using the LinkedIn Relationship Feature

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One of my favorite options in LinkedIn is the relationship feature. Many of my clients have several hundred LinkedIn contacts which makes it harder and harder to remember how you met a particular individual. You connect with individuals for different reasons and it is helpful to segment them for messaging or searching. LinkedIn Relationship Tab [...]

Top 5 Event & Conference Networking Tips for Long-term Success

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Networking is all about connecting with individuals, providing resources with no strings attached, and building relationships based on trust. It is focused on genuinely giving and believing that what goes around comes around. Networking should be viewed as a long-term strategy for building profitable relationships, rather than achieving a quick win. With that in mind, [...]

6 Steps to Avoid Getting Laid Off

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The other day I attended a webinar hosted by Zenger Folkman on the subject “How Not to Get Fired”. They looked at how individuals can prevent being put on the “layoff list” once company leadership has determined that layoffs are necessary to down-size or right-size. They focused their research on company leaders who are laid [...]

Tips on Alumni Networking with

By |2018-08-20T01:17:00+00:00February 26th, 2013|Career Change, Job Search, Networking| is a relatively new LinkedIn feature that I have found quite valuable for tapping into my alumni directory and alumni networking. This feature allows you to see a visual representation of where your fellow university alumni live (i.e. their location), work (companies), as well as what they do for a living (career). Powerful Alumni [...]