Top 10 Ways to Survive a Soul-Sucking Job

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Many of my clients have been there. Honestly, I’ve been there. You go to work Monday through Friday to a job that feels like it is slowly sucking the life out of you. It is negatively impacting you at work and worse it is having a negative impact on you outside of work. You dread [...]

When to Consider a Career Change Not Just Your Job

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Changing careers can be daunting.  Even just changing jobs can be inconvenient.  Notice the difference between career changes and job changes. Daunting versus inconvenient. That's a substantial difference!  The difference is changing jobs is basically doing the same function in a different organization.  A career change is entering a new job function and industry. Job [...]

My Career Took off Once I Became Re-Engaged at Work

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I'm sharing a guest blog that has great advice on becoming re-engaged at work. - Coach Wolfgang At the end of 2014, I was denied a promotion and received a paltry raise. My boss said she appreciated my work and that I achieved my goals but her hands were tied on giving a higher raise [...]

Move Your Job From Doing Tasks to Developing Strategy

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Does this sound like your job description? Meet with my boss once or twice per week, write down all the things she would like me to do, then try to get them done before our next meeting. I think a lot of us feel this way on some level. Recently, I worked with a client [...]

How to Make Your Work More Fulfilling

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I am currently taking Tara Mohr’s Playing Big Facilitator training. I am learning so much and gaining great information and tools to use with clients. I cannot wait to begin using this information on a larger scale! In our very first session, Tara posed the following question to us: what is your work a laboratory [...]

How to Create Your Career Goals

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The why, what, how approach. Ever wonder why those New Years Resolutions never seem to make it past January? Don't let that happen to your career goals this year. It's never too late to start changing direction to what you want. Here's a setup that has worked for me. The Why Before diving into your [...]

Why Don’t I Believe in Myself?

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Please read this guest blog from a client of mine. It's an uplifting story about the power of exploring who you are. I saw a great job description the other day - Director of Operations at a downtown start-up. It had all the things that I want to be doing! I felt confident about meeting [...]

Do Not Fear the Shark if Your Feathers are Dry

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I recently bought some “Zenguin” coffee mugs. Each mug has one of four meditative penguins drawn on it. The penguins are trying to find their own sense of calm. Each mug has a Zen proverb written on the inside of the cup so you read it while taking a drink. The one that resonated the [...]

It Doesn’t Have to Be Bad to Be Better

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I was talking with a friend the other day about various aspects of life and she made this comment, “it doesn’t have to be bad to be better.” I found it very insightful and very relevant to the work I do every day. Many people feel “fine” in their jobs. They might not look forward [...]

Employee Engagement: It Doesn’t Have to Be Bad To Be Better

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I was speaking to a friend of mine recently about employee engagement and organizational culture. He is an executive at a small company in Austin and was talking about how happy and engaged his employees are. He and the other executive team members worked hard to create their culture and take pride in what they [...]