Don’t forget to enjoy your career path

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“Take pride in how far you've come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don't forget to enjoy the journey.” - Michael Josephson This quote appeared on my calendar last month. I saw immediately how it applied to me, but also how it relates to the clients I work with. Hopefully it spoke [...]

Mindset Changes Today for a Better Career Tomorrow

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So many people struggle with unhappiness in their career. I would venture to say that EVERYONE has been unhappy in their career, at some point in time. Our blogs regularly touch upon the subject of finding a job that fulfills you or turning your current job into something that makes you happy. This article takes [...]

Should You Say ‘No’ to Your Boss?

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I was having dinner with a bunch of friends and experienced this. Thought I'd share the story as well as one of the insights it gave me. – Coach Wolfgang A few years ago, I was at an outdoor restaurant having dinner with friends visiting from out of town. The sun was beginning to set [...]

How to find the right job. Follow your passion.

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Following your passion is a hard road. More than half the battle is finding out what the heck your passion really is! Sounds easy enough, and I've seen it so many times before, people feel they ought to 'know' what their passion is. But behind closed doors - trust me - the majority have no [...]

Defeat Fear to Get the Career You Want

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Some people seem to be born ready to jump out of airplanes and live life on the edge. It's like they were made for it. Careers in investment banking or startups seem to fit these types of people. And then there are the rest of us... perfectly fine watching others make the mistakes, jump when [...]

Fire Your New Year’s Resolutions & Achieve Your Career Goals

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Remember all the goals you made in January?  How long did you stay with them, this year?  At the start of the year, there's always a renewed sense of discipline to change in all the ways we 'know' we need to. lose weight spend more time with family exercise more, eat better get passed old [...]

How to Be Confident For a Meeting

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This is how one of my clients gets pumped before a big meeting. Thought you'd like it! - Coach Wolfgang Today is the big day. All eyes and ears will be on you. It's probably making you a bit nervous, huh? I would be too. Are you also pretty excited? No? You should be. Today [...]

Not Satisfied With Your Job? Get Your Marbles Back.

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"How did I get here?" I hear this question often from my clients. Typically this conversation is in regards to their job or organization, but it could easily be a question related to their life or a relationship. It is a question that is often asked. In some of the cases, my clients are wondering how [...]

What Is a Workaholic? 10 Signs That You May Be One.

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My top 10 signs that you may be a workaholic: 1. You have your bosses birthday on your calendar but not your anniversary. 2. The last thing you think of at night is work. 3. Then you dream about it. 4. You play out a conversation with a team member in your imagination over & over [...]

Running Your Own Business? Get out From Behind the Screen.

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I recently met with an aspiring business woman. She had done her homework, knew the market, understood the need, built the model, and was ready to dive in and help a needed problem in her industry; business cards and website to boot! The problem?  No clients. In today's world it's easy to get everything going [...]