8 Essential Professional Growth Strategies

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Outstanding list of strategies for career and professional growth from our guest author - see bio below! -Coach Wolfgang Professional growth is necessary for gaining financial stability that puts your mind at peace and allows you to fulfill your life with things you love. However, professional growth isn't something that just happens. It takes serious [...]

Leading with Purpose: Why & How

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Over the past decade, many books and articles have been written on the topic of finding purpose. A simple Google search of the words, "Finding Purpose", produces over one billion results. There is no doubt that purpose is an important and interesting topic for many people. As a leader, having a purpose and leading with [...]

6 Ways to Bust a Mid-Career Plateau

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Guest blog with some fantastic tips for mid-career professionals getting off a career plateau. – Coach Wolfgang Hitting a career plateau in your current job is normal. For most workers this situation can translate to boredom and the feeling of being stuck in a rut, or the fear that you have gone as far as [...]

4 reasons why you shouldn’t plan your life’s purpose.

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Life is about achievements! You know, achivements like this: Graduate from college Find a job Grow in that job Buy a nice car Find a spouse or partner Have kids Buy a house Get a better job Buy a nicer car Buy a bigger house Start a retirement account Save a certain amount in that [...]

3 Ways To Execute A Better Career Evaluation

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Career Evaluation is crucial. There are many reasons why people allow work to take over their lives - personal goals, generational expectations, a need to perform. All work and no play may make you look like a devoted employee, but can have tremendously negative affects on your overall health and happiness. If you’re going to [...]

Become a valuable employee and love your job more

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As a coach, I work with clients on the ‘being’ side and the ‘doing’ side of career, leadership, life. The ‘being’ side focuses on who you are, on self-reflection, self-awareness, development. The ‘doing’ side focuses on intentional actions we take as a result of our work on the ‘being’ side. This guest blog was written [...]

4 Don’ts in Your Resignation Letter

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Here's a piece by a client of mine who learned some lessons just as he was submitting his two-week notice resignation letter!  Remember, with a new job you are moving toward something, not running away from something. That is the mindset to write your resignation letter. -Coach Wolfgang Recently, I turned in my two weeks [...]

The benefits of coaching… I want to clone my health coach!

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Great example of the benefits of coaching from one of my clients who wanted to lose weight.-Coach Wolfgang My company offers health coaching as an employee benefit.  Her name is Colleen and I love her!  That is, I love the process she uses to help me.  Here's how she works and examples of the benefits [...]

How is running a marathon like career management?

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How is running a marathon similar to career management? Let me tell you the story... In 2004, I ran the Chicago marathon.  Let me start out by saying, I am not an avid runner. In fact, I don’t think I ran more than 1 mile until my mid-twenties.  I also don’t particularly like running, though [...]

First Sign You Need Career Development: Dying Moose Noises?

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I attended a workshop on career development recently and the topic of employee engagement came up. One participant mentioned that her co-workers can tell when she is stressed out, overwhelmed or otherwise disengaged by a noise she makes when she sighs. She described the sigh as ‘the sound of a moose dying.’ This brought a [...]