You may be wondering, “Is career coaching right for me?” or “Should I invest in a career coach?” On one hand coaching seems expensive but, on the other, it can be life changing. Let’s first look at why coaching, in general, helps so many people.

Think about golf or ballet or chess. You aren’t going to be an expert the first time you try. In fact, you can try and try but may never even become mediocre! Is managing your career any different? Most people aren’t educated sufficiently on how to manage their careers. Even then, most people aren’t able to see themselves as others do.

Feedback from our mentors is how we improve ourselves. Conversely, “learning from your mistakes” is a very expensive way to learn. It costs you time and potentially very good opportunities. With a coach you cut your learning curve dramatically. You immediately receive the benefit of your coach’s years of study as well as all the insight from the clients your coach has worked with before.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Look at the successful people you admire and you’ll see that they have a team of advisors guiding them to become even better in the important areas of their life. They don’t view coaching as a cost but rather an investment.

Watch this video – it’s only 1-1/2 minutes long and reinforces that many of the greatest leaders in the world believe in the benefits of coaching.

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Who sees a career coach?

It used to be thought that only high-powered vice presidents and C-level executives use coaches to help their careers. That’s no longer the case as career coaching is now an affordable service used for every career stage, starting as soon as high school graduation.

Read the categories below and see if one describes you. If you don’t find a match then just contact us to see if we can help or if we can refer you to someone who does.

  • What is the best career for me?
  • Unsatisfied in current career
  • Upcoming graduation or graduated recently
  • Feeling powerless and trapped in my job
  • Should I go to college or grad school?
  • Need to identify my values

Best services: career transition or career counseling and career assessments.

  • Trying to get a promotion
  • Don’t get along with my co-workers
  • Get a raise or bonus
  • Identify and close skill gaps
  • Negotiate through a conflict
  • Move into a management position
  • Identify how my career is or isn’t in alignment with my values
  • Set and achieve my own annual goals
  • Define where I want to be in 5 years and plot a course

Best services: career development

  • Discover other jobs for my skill set
  • Only using a fraction of my skills
  • Want to move but stay within my field
  • Here’s my dream job but how do I land it?
  • Should I start my own business?
  • I’m overworked and/or under-compensated.
  • Like my job but there’s no career path
  • Want to relocate
  • Salary negotiation

Best services: job search, interview preparation, and resume writing

  • Re-joining the workforce after an absence
  • Near retirement but want to see options
  • Major career change and career transition
  • Interested in working remotely
  • Recently let go or work force reduction
  • Want flexible schedule or part-time work
  • Divorced or getting divorced
  • My children moved out
  • Find a career in alignment with my values

Best services: career transition, job search

  • Preparing for possible layoff
  • Years since last interview
  • Years since I updated my resume
  • Need to build my network
  • Need to add new skills/experience to my resume
  • Want to maintain my interviewing skills

Best services: interview preparation, resume writing and career development

Use the list above to help you identify all the reasons why you want to hire a career coach. As you do, think of the benefits of a career that meets all those criteria. Use career and corporate coaching to make your dream career a reality.