All of our services have Goal Setting as the backbone – everything we do has a clear goal in mind. In a general way, we are your accountability partners helping you develop, set and achieve your career goals. Our seasoned coaches help you clearly define your career aspirations and the steps to turn your vision into reality.

For other clients, goal setting means we seek to understand the “pain” you are experiencing and help shape near-term, specific and attainable goals to alleviate that pain. The Goal Setting gear is driven by the 3 gears described below. Once they are turning in unison, you will be successfully developing the career you always wanted.

wolfgang goal setting gear

Short-term goals

These are things you wish to accomplish in the next few days or in the next few months. You might be surprised how quickly we can help you polish your resume, establish your reputation as an expert, prepare for an interview, or take your job to the next level.

Long-term goals

These are aspirations or a larger vision that can take years and require time. Starting a business may be your goal but it will take time to raise money, learn the right skills and find the right partners. We help you lay out your plan and work through it.

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Often times the only thing holding someone back is having an accountability partner – someone to keep you on track and encourage you to meet your goals.

We regularly help clients with goals such as:

  • Negotiate a high salary, compensation or benefits
  • Update resume
  • Prepare for an interview
  • Get promoted
  • Develop a new skill set
  • Change roles
  • Prepare for an annual review and performance evaluation
  • Craft a new job plan
  • Improve workplace communications
  • Formulate a success strategy
  • Increase network size and quality

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