Discover is learning about career paths that match your interests, values and personality. You don’t know all the jobs and industries out there so this is when you learn about different careers, understanding the components, determining how well they match and making a decision about where your path should go.

The decision is driven by what you learned in Explore about your internal factors (skills, personality, interests, etc.) as well external factors (e.g. salary, geography, skill gap). The first step is learning about different careers and applying the methodology below to determine if there’s a match.

discover careers best for you

Job market need

It’s not just about “would I like this job” but it’s about the future prospects for this job in your geography for your lifestyle.

Experience, education, skills needed

What are the requirements to have the career you want? Which of those do you have? We help you determine if there is a skill gap and how to address that gap.

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Internal requirements

Apply what you learned in the Explore phase so you can view potential careers against the list of things that are important to you.

External requirements

Look at your lifestyle and identify 1) what you need and 2) what you would like to have in a new career (salary, location, commute, hours). The list of external factors combined with your list of internal factors serves as the basis for your career decision making process.

Career decision-making

Decide on a course of action by examining all the internal and external factors and assessing and the likelihood that a specific career/job will meet those requirements.

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