10 01, 2018

How leaders can lead with the appropriate pace.

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Organizations face many obstacles that affect - and sometimes derail - the leadership abilities of their teams. Things like human resource issues, limited budgets, lack of mission understanding or alignment, and much more lay the foundation of difficult leadership. However, there’s one area that often goes unnoticed. It’s called pace. Effective leaders are aware of [...]

10 01, 2018

How emotionally intelligent are you?

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Guess what, we’re emotional beings who have emotional intelligence (in measurable capacities).   No matter how hard we strive - especially in our careers - to be only rational beings, we can’t. Our emotions are real, present, and play a tremendous part in our personal, professional, and even our organization's development. In the professional context [...]

7 12, 2017

What’s happened to my company’s culture?

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Does it seem like the values have all changed? The personality of your team, goals, and expectations are now different? Is it frustrating? Are you wondering what has happened to your company? It might be the culture. Culture is one of the most important, yet often times intangible pieces to an organization's success. Defined as [...]

7 12, 2017

“Lebron James” just left, now what?

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In case you don’t already know, Lebron James is likely the best NBA basketball player - and leader - who's currently playing (and some would argue the best ever to play the game, except for Amy Wolfgang who grew up watching Michael Jordan). So good in fact that he played a significant part in the [...]

7 12, 2017

10 Stunning LinkedIn Profile Tips to Get that Dream Job

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Welcome back guest blogger Abhyank Srinet and his insight on the top LinkedIn profile tips to help you land your dream job. – Coach Wolfgang LinkedIn is unarguably the best professional networking site out there. With more and more recruiters looking at candidates’ profiles to get to know them better, it is imperative that you [...]

29 11, 2017

8 Incredibly Useful LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using

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Abhyank Srinet is back with another inspiring guest blog highlighting an eye-opening set of new LinkedIn features you'll find indispensable. – Coach Wolfgang Are you someone who checks LinkedIn only to look up for employer’s email ID, or a connection request? If yes, then you are missing out on great LinkedIn features that can help [...]

6 11, 2017

Creating powerful goals begins here.

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As a business, goal setting is hard. But the challenge isn’t just about how to create goals. The challenge is how to better understand our own self in a way that allows your goals to truly affect - and empower - your business’s bottom line. The first step in creating better goals is to have [...]

5 11, 2017

How to Use LinkedIn for Professional Development

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Entertaining guest blog on three important ways on how to use LinkedIn for professional development. – Coach Wolfgang In the summer of 1994, I was working at a gym, making $10/hour. I was having a good time but sitting on a 4-year degree from a Big 10 school. So I went to work looking for a [...]

1 11, 2017

Leading Millennials: Career development has to be different.

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It’s no secret, millennials are taking over the workforce. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennial. Are you preparing your leadership programs for this change?  Maybe that’s the wrong way to start this blog. Maybe we should ask if you’re experiencing any of these realities:   Larger amounts of turnover Stagnant growth, innovation, [...]

18 10, 2017

10 Interview Questions and Answers for 10 Different Jobs

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Guest blog with excellent interview questions and answers specific for different types of jobs. Author bio below. -Amy If you’ve just graduated from college and are looking for your first job on the market or you’ve left your previous one and are looking for a new opportunity, then you probably understand that it’s important to [...]