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phone interview prep

Carpet Cleaning and the Lost Phone Interview

By Coach Wolfgang - 13th October 2014

I have a guest blog to share… interesting story with a very practical set of recommendations. Enjoy! - Coach Wolfgang My phone interview begins in 3 minutes. I’ve...

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fight the fear of career change

Fight the Fear of Finding a New Career

By Dawn Shaw - 7th October 2014

Searching for a new career can seem overwhelming.  For some individuals, the job-hunting process itself can appear to be a mountain to climb, especially when you are out...

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career transition discomfort

A Necessity for Career Change: Discomfort

By Dawn Shaw - 25th September 2014

Change feels uncomfortable…for everyone!  That is why change can be so difficult. If you want to see a change in your career, it isn’t likely going to be...

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career opportunity search

Career Opportunities are Everywhere but Hard to See

By Dawn Shaw - 4th September 2014

Creating opportunity is a mindset. Opportunities are actually everywhere – we don’t see them all because we’re stuck in the same patterns of thinking. Our thoughts affect the...

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your career success

The Definition of Career Success

By Amy Wolfgang - 20th August 2014

How do you define career success? Here are many of the definitions my career coaching staff and I regularly encounter: What a feeling Example: I am successful in...

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Career Success Story: Showing Initiative & Taking Ownership

By Amy Wolfgang - 15th August 2014

One of my clients wrote me about how a small change she made led to big results at her job. Here’s the background. In our coaching sessions, we...

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communicate better with boss

A Better Way to Communicate with Your Boss

By Amy Wolfgang - 29th July 2014

A colleague of mine sent me a blog post he wrote for me the other day about a situation he was in at work. I liked it and...

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Career Workshop or Individual Career Coaching?

By Amy Wolfgang - 16th July 2014

Many potential clients ask whether they should participate in a workshop related to their career concerns or sign up for individual coaching sessions. Austin Career Workshops are 1...

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what if i don't find right career?

What If I Don’t Find the Right Career?

By Amy Wolfgang - 9th July 2014

Considering a career change can be a very daunting process. Not only have I helped many clients through this transition, but I’ve also gone through this myself. At...

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wolfgang career coaching story

The Story of Wolfgang Career Coaching

By Amy Wolfgang - 1st July 2014

It was 2009 and it seemed like I found the best case scenario for my career. I had been working for a year as a career adviser and...

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