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top reasons to hire career coach

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Career Coach

By Dawn Shaw - 27th February 2015

If you were a major league baseball player, you would have a pitching coach, a hitting coach, and a fielding coach in addition to a head coach. All...

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benefits of joining professional groups

Career Development Happens With Professional Organizations

By Dawn Shaw - 24th February 2015

Joining a professional organization can seem a bit daunting, especially with a busy schedule, and not knowing where to begin or which organization to join.  Let us help...

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I love my job

Do More of What You Love in Your Career

By Coach Wolfgang - 20th February 2015

Thinking over your career to-date, what was your favorite job? What about that job made it your favorite? Perhaps you liked the ability to use a specific skill...

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Boss Yelling

How to Stand up for Yourself When Yelled At

By Coach Wolfgang - 17th February 2015

I have a guest blog to share… a tough lesson but important to share. Enjoy! – Coach Wolfgang My first real job out of college was at a...

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employee stand out

Making Your Job Application Stand Out

By Coach Wolfgang - 13th February 2015

We all have unique gifts or talents that we bring with us to a new job. These might include: tangible skills (i.e. how to utilize a specific piece...

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The Doors That Volunteering Opens

By Amy Wolfgang - 10th February 2015

I have a guest blog to share… a fun story about the benefits of volunteering. Enjoy! – Coach Wolfgang In graduate school, I was in the “high tech”...

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black hole employee

Don’t Forget About ‘Black Hole’ Employees

By Coach Wolfgang - 6th February 2015

Last week was the first time I heard the term ‘Black Hole’ employee as I was attending a talk given by Tony Hsieh and Fred Mossler of

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boss employee

Career vs Job: 10 Ways My Manager Makes It Tough to Want a Career

By Coach Wolfgang - 3rd February 2015

I have a guest blog to share about the impact managers can have on their employees and some potential unintended consequences. Enjoy! – Coach Wolfgang Some days I...

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Re-Energize Your Career

By Coach Wolfgang - 30th January 2015

It happens to many of us. We start out in a job that we feel energized by and slowly over time we become less and less engaged. Does...

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ernie banks mr. cub

Let’s Play Two! How Ernie Banks Inspires my Life and Career

By Coach Wolfgang - 25th January 2015

Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, has passed away and I’m profoundly sad. He was such a presence in my life even though he retired from baseball before I was...

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