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identify your career strengths

How to Identify a Strength

By Dawn Shaw - 12th December 2014

What are you good at? What do you bring to the table for your employer? Don’t think of how you would answer this question in an interview but,...

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getting co-workers to follow internal processes

Getting Co-workers to Follow Your New Process

By Coach Wolfgang - 28th November 2014

Procedures – the rules of engagement and interaction your team or unit has devised to get work done collectively – are a necessary way of corporate life. You...

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treat career opportunities like stock market

Treat Career Opportunities Like the Stock Market

By Coach Wolfgang - 14th November 2014

Many people think the “opportunities” that come along in their career are the big hits: How does a great new job offer at a trendy company sound? What...

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communicate up the corporate ladder

The Benefits of Communicating Up

By Coach Wolfgang - 7th November 2014

This is a continuation of a previous post titled “How to find the right balance communicating with your boss”, where I described steps for making sure you find...

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finding right balance communicating with boss

How to Find the Right Balance Communicating with Your Boss

By Coach Wolfgang - 7th November 2014

This comes from a client and the insight he gained through our sessions and working with her boss. - Coach Wolfgang When Goldilocks went into the three bears’...

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steps to face career change with courage

Baby Steps to find the Courage to Change Careers

By Dawn Shaw - 31st October 2014

Changing careers can be overwhelming, exciting, scary, and very rewarding.  Change isn’t easy because most people like what they are familiar with. People lean towards a certain sense...

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negative people impact work performance

How Negative People Can Ruin Your Performance at Work

By Coach Wolfgang - 29th October 2014

Thanks to Monica Gomez for her guest blog. A brief bio is below. – Amy Most of us prefer to spend time with positive people rather than spend...

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phone interview prep

Carpet Cleaning and the Lost Phone Interview

By Coach Wolfgang - 13th October 2014

I have a guest blog to share… interesting story with a very practical set of recommendations. Enjoy! - Coach Wolfgang My phone interview begins in 3 minutes. I’ve...

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fight the fear of career change

Fight the Fear of Finding a New Career

By Dawn Shaw - 7th October 2014

Searching for a new career can seem overwhelming.  For some individuals, the job-hunting process itself can appear to be a mountain to climb, especially when you are out...

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career transition discomfort

A Necessity for Career Change: Discomfort

By Dawn Shaw - 25th September 2014

Change feels uncomfortable…for everyone!  That is why change can be so difficult. If you want to see a change in your career, it isn’t likely going to be...

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