3009, 2015

My Career Took off Once I Became Re-Engaged at Work

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I’m sharing a guest blog that has great advice on becoming re-engaged at work.
– Coach Wolfgang

At the end of 2014, I was denied a promotion and received a paltry raise. My boss said she appreciated my work and that I achieved my goals but her hands were tied on giving a higher raise or a […]

2209, 2015

Does online career coaching versus in-person make a difference?

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Isn’t technology wonderful? There are so many new gadgets out there that change the way we communicate! Technology has also changed the world of coaching. Today, online coaching sessions can yield results as great as an in-person coaching session. If you aren’t sure about working with an online career coach, consider these possibilities before deciding. […]

1509, 2015

Move Your Job From Doing Tasks to Developing Strategy

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Does this sound like your job description?

Meet with my boss once or twice per week, write down all the things she would like me to do, then try to get them done before our next meeting.

I think a lot of us feel this way on some level. Recently, I worked with a client who was […]

809, 2015

5 Steps You Must Take Today for a Better Future Career Path

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We all want to create a better future career, right? In my experience with clients, I’ve yet to meet someone who would like their career to go backwards – make less money, less growth opportunity, etc. If you agree then are you taking the right steps to move your career forward? Many of my clients […]

109, 2015

How to Make Your Work More Fulfilling

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I am currently taking Tara Mohr’s Playing Big Facilitator training. I am learning so much and gaining great information and tools to use with clients. I cannot wait to begin using this information on a larger scale! In our very first session, Tara posed the following question to us: what is your work a laboratory […]

2608, 2015

Who needs a Career Coach?

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The differences between a job, a career and a calling
Before we go over the reasons, lets first establish the difference between a career, a job, and a calling. For the sake of this article, let’s go with the simplest of definitions:

A job is a paid activity primarily to pay your bills. A job serves the […]

1808, 2015

How to Create Your Career Goals

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The why, what, how approach. Ever wonder why those New Years Resolutions never seem to make it past January? Don’t let that happen to your career goals this year. It’s never too late to start changing direction to what you want. Here’s a setup that has worked for me.
The Why
Before diving into your list of […]

1108, 2015

Who needs a resume anymore?

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Dear Coach Wolfgang,

Is the resume a thing of the past?

Thanks for the question. Lately, I’ve been hearing people I respect dismiss the resume as an irrelevant tool in today’s electronic and online age. The argument says that all a candidate needs today is a LinkedIn profile. Let’s look at that statement. I think what this […]

408, 2015

How to Find the Fastest Growing Careers

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If you clicked the title of this post, let me ask you… why?

These are my guesses.

1) To assure yourself that your profession is on the list and growing. Let’s just say… for job security.

2) To get ideas of professions that are actually growing because you know for sure, that your current trajectory is unclear. Let’s […]

2807, 2015

My secret weapon for the interview process

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Thought you would enjoy a guest blog about the success one of my clients found in the interviewing process.

A few years ago I had an interview with a start up for a marketing leadership role. I was excited about it and I saw so many ways I could help the company while doing my research. […]