13 09, 2017

Are you too loyal to your company?

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“I owe it to the company…” Have you ever thought this before? Thoughts of guilt play through your mind. That time your boss let you leave early. Or that time your coworker helped you with a project that wasn’t their responsibility. Or that small promotion that left you hoping for more. You start to believe [...]

28 08, 2017

Failing at work is a good thing

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Guest blog sharing good insight on the upside of failing at work. -Amy My pilot program officially bombed today... for the second time. I sat there with my boss and we talked about why the participants never embraced the pilot program. My boss wanted results and we didn't have any. He was agitated. Then it [...]

10 08, 2017

3 Ways To Execute A Better Career Evaluation

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Career Evaluation is crucial. There are many reasons why people allow work to take over their lives - personal goals, generational expectations, a need to perform. All work and no play may make you look like a devoted employee, but can have tremendously negative affects on your overall health and happiness. If you’re going to [...]

3 08, 2017

Self Perception Matters, Seriously.

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Do you believe that a broken mirror, cracked into a thousand crumbling segments, can portray how you truly look? Of course not! Because of the cracks, the reflection would reveal a distorted image of self, a lie to your true appearance. Similarly, having a distorted sense of inner self can cause confusion and anxiety. Like [...]

17 07, 2017

Career Self Assessment: Are You Owning your Career?

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Have you ever taken a moment to breathe and wonder, "how have I been at this job or this company for 3 years?" (or 5 years? or 7 years?) I hear this a lot from clients. They can’t believe how much time has passed since they started at their company or in their position. Time [...]

5 07, 2017

12 Steps to Create the Best Resume for Work

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Thanks to Abhyank Srinet for his guest blog helping you create the best resume. See his bio below. - Coach Wolfgang An effective job resume can go a long way in making a good first impression. With HR managers being inundated with hundreds if not thousands of resumes for even mid-level job posts, it is [...]

22 06, 2017

Become a valuable employee and love your job more

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As a coach, I work with clients on the ‘being’ side and the ‘doing’ side of career, leadership, life. The ‘being’ side focuses on who you are, on self-reflection, self-awareness, development. The ‘doing’ side focuses on intentional actions we take as a result of our work on the ‘being’ side. This guest blog was written [...]

14 06, 2017

5 Best Kept Secrets on How to Write a Resume

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I don’t know many people who enjoy writing a resume. Usually it’s the last thing we want to do and we procrastinate to the very last minute. Instead of thinking about your resume as a drag, consider it the beginning of a conversation with your new job. Here’s a strategy on the best kept secrets [...]

7 06, 2017

How to be Confident in your Job Search

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Many of my clients struggle with how to be confident in their job search. After all, a job search can be very challenging because of the reason people are searching. For example: due to a terrible work experience at their current company after a break from the workforce after a layoff seeking fulfillment There are [...]

30 05, 2017

6 Steps to Writing the Perfect ‘Cover Letter’ for Any Job

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Thanks to Elizabeth Heron for her guest blog. Brief bio is below. – Coach Wolfgang When writing the perfect cover letter for any job, being concise is the key. Especially in today’s information age, where the reader is inundated with information, everyone wants to get to the point. A resume is supposed to be a [...]