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Achieving Career and Financial Freedom in Austin Texas

By Coach Wolfgang - 24th April 2015

It’s a warm spring Thursday evening at 5th & Lamar in downtown Austin. Thunderstorms just rolled through the area. The sky is now clear and we’re being treated...

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Why Do I Need a Career Coach When I Have the Internet?

By Amy Wolfgang - 21st April 2015

Dear Coach Wolfgang, I’ve been told that all the advice I need for my career is on the Internet. If that’s true, why do I need a career...

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Great Employee Meets a Great Employer

A Rare Story: A Great Employee Meets a Great Employer

By Amy Wolfgang - 14th April 2015

The other day I was at the playground watching my two girls run around and play. I struck up a conversation with another parent there and we started...

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Negotiate Higher Salary

How Employees Can Negotiate for a Higher Salary

By Amy Wolfgang - 10th April 2015

Thanks to Noel Griffith for his guest blog. A brief bio is below. – Amy One of the most effective ways to get an increase in your salary...

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Lloyd Dobler

If I Were Lloyd Dobler’s Career Coach

By Amy Wolfgang - 8th April 2015

Oh how I wish I could be Lloyd Dobler’s career coach. Before you begin to worry about me, I fully recognize that he is a fictional character. Lloyd...

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It Doesn’t Have to Be Bad to Be Better

By Amy Wolfgang - 2nd April 2015

I was talking with a friend the other day about various aspects of life and she made this comment, “it doesn’t have to be bad to be better.”...

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fastest growing careers

Where Do I Find the Fastest Growing Careers?

By Amy Wolfgang - 31st March 2015

Many of my clients are working through a career transition. They are moving from one career path to another. Once they are in the decision-making process of determining...

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Top 4 Ways to Determine Career Salaries

By Amy Wolfgang - 26th March 2015

The topic of identifying career salaries regularly comes up in coaching sessions. My clients who are searching for a job or interested in a promotion need to understand...

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Employee Engagement: It Doesn’t Have to Be Bad To Be Better

By Amy Wolfgang - 24th March 2015

I was speaking to a friend of mine recently about employee engagement and organizational culture. He is an executive at a small company in Austin and was talking...

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How Do I Find the Best Careers for Me?

By Amy Wolfgang - 20th March 2015

In a recent blog – What is the best career for me? – I showed you how to find the best careers by looking at your natural tendencies...

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