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interview tips for introverts

Interview Tips for the Introvert

By Melissa Martinez Frausto - 11th June 2015

It may seem that extroverts have a natural advantage over introverts in job interviews. Extroverts are generally outgoing, talkative, and persuasive – qualities that convey confidence and generate...

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Why Don’t I Believe in Myself?

By Coach Wolfgang - 30th May 2015

Please read this guest blog from a client of mine. It’s an uplifting story about the power of exploring who you are. I saw a great job description...

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Do Not Fear the Shark if Your Feathers are Dry

By Amy Wolfgang - 22nd May 2015

I recently bought some “Zenguin” coffee mugs. Each mug has one of four meditative penguins drawn on it. The penguins are trying to find their own sense of...

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When to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

By Melissa Martinez Frausto - 7th May 2015

Your resume is an important marketing tool and often your first introduction to an employer. The employer’s evaluation of your skills as presented on your resume is the...

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Returning from a conference or trade show? Here’s what your boss wants.

By Amy Wolfgang - 28th April 2015

If you are like me, you feel great after learning something new, especially when there is a self-improvement component. There’s a lot you can get out of a...

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Achieving Career and Financial Freedom in Austin Texas

By Amy Wolfgang - 24th April 2015

It’s a warm spring Thursday evening at 5th & Lamar in downtown Austin. Thunderstorms just rolled through the area. The sky is now clear and we’re being treated...

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Why Do I Need a Career Coach When I Have the Internet?

By Amy Wolfgang - 21st April 2015

Dear Coach Wolfgang, I’ve been told that all the advice I need for my career is on the Internet. If that’s true, why do I need a career...

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Great Employee Meets a Great Employer

A Rare Story: A Great Employee Meets a Great Employer

By Amy Wolfgang - 14th April 2015

The other day I was at the playground watching my two girls run around and play. I struck up a conversation with another parent there and we started...

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Negotiate Higher Salary

How Employees Can Negotiate for a Higher Salary

By Amy Wolfgang - 10th April 2015

Thanks to Noel Griffith for his guest blog. A brief bio is below. – Amy One of the most effective ways to get an increase in your salary...

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Lloyd Dobler

If I Were Lloyd Dobler’s Career Coach

By Amy Wolfgang - 8th April 2015

Oh how I wish I could be Lloyd Dobler’s career coach. Before you begin to worry about me, I fully recognize that he is a fictional character. Lloyd...

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