2411, 2015

4 Ways to Stand out in a Job Interview

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Every job search is filled with emotional highs and lows. Moments when you feel like you can conquer the world and other moments when you feel like people will find out you are a fraud. It’s important to recognize these highs and lows and keep your ego in check – don’t get too full of […]

1711, 2015

Difference Between Career Counselor and Career Coach

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What’s the difference between a career counselor and a career coach? It’s tough to tell because, when you are looking for career help, you see the two terms used interchangeably. This is because most people are new to both terms and don’t realize there are important differences. But we need to set the record straight: […]

1011, 2015

When to Hire a Career Change Coach

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Career changes can seem overwhelming but they can also be exciting and fun. Let me first ask a series of questions to assess your readiness and openness to make a career change.

How many times a day do you look/research/make connections for a profession you desire?
How often do you tell yourself, “I really need to update […]

311, 2015

Build Your Skills for the New Wave of Careers in Demand

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The workplace is always changing. That includes which skills are more in demand than others. I have identified three core areas that seem to be on the forefront of what hiring managers are looking for today, no matter if you are a teacher, engineer, doctor, secretary, or anything in between.

“How can a lone skill be […]

2710, 2015

How to Find Your Dream Career

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Want to know how to find your dream career? Here’s the simple answer: process of elimination. Does that mean that you have to try out every job before you find your dream job? Fortunately, no. Let me explain.

Feels Like Chaos
I meet with so many people who believe that their dream career […]

1410, 2015

Can you afford a career coach?

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Have you ever paid for an elective and non-life threatening medical procedure that wasn’t covered by insurance? Have you ever paid a lawyer to draft a contract for you? Were you taken back by the cost?

I certainly have been. Therefore I’m sensitive to the way people perceive the cost of our career coaching services. We […]

610, 2015

When to Consider a Career Change Not Just Your Job

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Changing careers can be daunting.  Even just changing jobs can be inconvenient.  Notice the difference between career changes and job changes. Daunting versus inconvenient. That’s a substantial difference!  The difference is changing jobs is basically doing the same function in a different organization.  A career change is entering a new job function and industry.
Job Change
Let’s […]

3009, 2015

My Career Took off Once I Became Re-Engaged at Work

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I’m sharing a guest blog that has great advice on becoming re-engaged at work.
– Coach Wolfgang

At the end of 2014, I was denied a promotion and received a paltry raise. My boss said she appreciated my work and that I achieved my goals but her hands were tied on giving a higher raise or a […]

2209, 2015

Does online career coaching versus in-person make a difference?

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Isn’t technology wonderful? There are so many new gadgets out there that change the way we communicate! Technology has also changed the world of coaching. Today, online coaching sessions can yield results as great as an in-person coaching session. If you aren’t sure about working with an online career coach, consider these possibilities before deciding. […]

1509, 2015

Move Your Job From Doing Tasks to Developing Strategy

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Does this sound like your job description?

Meet with my boss once or twice per week, write down all the things she would like me to do, then try to get them done before our next meeting.

I think a lot of us feel this way on some level. Recently, I worked with a client who was […]